Spring Break Havasu: The Quasi Live Blog [Day 2]

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My final day in the land of street-legal dune buggies and penicillin resistant syphilis.

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  • I failed to mention that our hotel smelled like someone had fouled up a bathroom 20 minutes ago but didn’t properly ventilate.  Apparently there is a city-wide sewage problem and the whole town smells like that.
  • The complimentary free breakfast looked as if we were in a Cocoon casting call.  And people really were eating those preprocessed frozen egg disks.
  • What is Ellen Page doing running our call center in Havasu??
  • Dangit, they’re ordering in for lunch.  No second trip to In-n-Out.
  • We got to Vegas 2 1/2 hours before our flight.  Time enough for a swing by Hooters Casino (formerly the great [cheap] San Remo).
  • All my times in Vegas and I’ve never seen the famous sign.  Like the Mona Lisa, it is much smaller than I had imagined.
  • I would classify this as an near epic win.  Three free gin&tonics, up $70 bucks on blackjack and I got to ogle the double Fs of the dealer for 45 minutes, all in lieu of sitting at a dreary airport terminal.
The Flight
  • Seriously, dude in the center seat of my row.  You went ahead and boarded with your “zone” so you can get properly situated in your coveted center seat?  Do you not know you’re supposed to wait and board last so that if there’s an aisle seat you can take that one instead?
  • US Air has some cute, perky stews.  At least the Vegas-DFW run does.  I was too tired to notice on the flight to Vegas.

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