Hey Asshat: Workplace Edition

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6a00d8341c525c53ef00e54f38b8ba8833-350wi I apologize if this ends up disturbing your delicate sensibilities, but sometimes I need to call someone out.  Even if I don’t actually know who that someone is.  Actually, I often call people out whom I have no idea who they are.

But who in the wide wide world of sports would think that it was non only a good idea but also proper to throw their gum out into the urinal at work???

Seriously, what were you thinking??  There’s a trash can right behind you.  Your Juicy Fruit had become so flavorless  during urination that you had to spit it out right that minute?

And did you even think that some poor soul is going to have to fish that piss soaked gum out of the urinal?  Would you like to do that?? Do you think anyone wants to do that?

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