Live Blogging the 30th Annual Muenster Germanfest Bike Rally

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10:20 – I got here way too early. I\’m all suited up and ready to go but there\’s still 40 minutes until the start.

10:21- just noticed there\’s no 3G up here. So it really is like the days of the early German settlers when wireless broadband was in its infancy.

















Beautiful day. Sunny a little windy and cool.

12:30- 19 miles in first rest stop. Good Christ it\’s windy. Just 40 more miles to beer.

12:31- I want to punch the cooz that corrected her husband who said \”we at 20 miles?\”. And replied \”18.9 actually \”

2:00 second rest stop. 36 miles in 28 to go. The wind is beating me up.

2:45 Saint Jo rest stop in the town square.  Not much going on here.  Finally heading east to enjoy some tailwind.

3:26 Final rest stop.  Only 10 more miles.  Heading south back to Muenster for a not very enjoyable crosswind.

4:00 DONE!  Total time was 4:30.  Not very good.  But considering the strong wind, I’ll take it.  Next up The GASP (Greater Austin to Shiner Pedal).  Now on to my 2 free beers at the Germanfest.

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Location:7th St,Muenster,United States


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  2. Sorry. The cellphone network in far north Texas wasn't that strong and I had a hard time publishing after a certain point of the ride. I've updated the last few stops. Thank you for your patience.

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