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Pregame. Looks like a bit of a tailwind. Just 100 miles to go.

9:00. 34 miles out. A little more than a third done. The weather is almost perfect – cool overcast. What wind we have is mostly tail.

10:10 50 milesout more than half way done.

11:11. 64 miles out. I would normally be done but I have 30+ miles left. The hills are starting to bother me. Pray for me.

11:53. 74 miles out. 3/4 done.

12:55. 86 miles out. 8 miles to go. I\’m ready for a beer.

1:32 DONE. Bring on the beer and brats. Ride time 5:46. Total time 6:29. Total distance 96.6 miles. Average speed 16.7mph. Good times.
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Location:Metlink Rd,Austin,United States

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