Walkabout 2010: Day 1 Pregame

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Woohoo! Although my flight was originally departing from Terminal C, it got changed to the new and swanky Terminal D. More preflight food and booze options!

Thankfully I got a ride to the airport since my American Airlines iPhone app tells me my return flight arrives in Terminal C and thus won\’t have to deal with interterminal transportation. Has anyone ever had an American flight that departed and arrived at the same terminal? I guess they\’re too busy figuring out new method of assraping their passengers with ticky-tack fees to get that action item to the completed state.

I got here in plenty of time for a beer and late lunch at Reata. Mmmm Sam Adams Boston Lager. Probably the most pedestrian beer I\’ll drink for the next 16 days.

Quick review: If you want to pay $20 for a meal on a meal similar in quality to Taco Cabana, then Reatta in Terminal D is for you. The beef fajita meat is the same mushy proceed cow that TC specializes in. Oh and if you want tortillas with your carne asada, that\’s an extra $1.50. At least the 22oz beer was cold.

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