Walkabout 2010: Day 6

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Another lazy day on Whidbey Island.  I drove around a bit and found Coupeville and Toby’s Tavern which I reviewed earlier.

Afterwards VW and I did some hiking in Oak Harbor and then took the ferry to Port Towsend to continue on to Sequim.

Unfortunately, Sequim is largely  retirement community and most everything, including The Three Crabs which Clare from the Pink Door told us to go. 

So we headed to the local Indian casino.  If you think the casino boats in Shreveport are depressing, try a small town Washington casino.  But it was hard to say no to $2 black jack.  Two of the three dealers we had were fairly fun and animated.  But the dude we had in between, Michael, was about as lifeless a human being as there has ever been.  His expression never changed and his monotone never changed except when someone doubled down when he would growl “Duuuuble Dooooooowwwwwn”.

I finished up $20.  Not bad.

Facebookers can see the pretty pictures HERE.

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