Walkabout 2010: Day 7

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I’m finally at a point where I can catch up on my blogging.  So I’m going to start out with the the highlights and backfill with some of the lesser days.

Day 7 was easily the best day of an already amazingly awesome trip.  Starting out in Sequim I headed for a local diner for my fill of French toast.  It was ok.  I then wondered out to the Dungeness Bay.  But there wasn’t much there except Three Crab’s that Clare from the Pink Door had told us about.

The day was foggy and grey for much of the morning and didn’t have much faith in being able to see anything in the much ballyhooed Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  Entering the park, it’s 17 miles to the top of the ridge.  And for the first 14 miles there was a thick fog to drive through.  But then the clouds part and one of the most beautiful area of North America become visible.

While on the ridge we met Admiral Nigel Jingjing III (the chipmunk) and Norman Skeeze (the young buck that walked up to us).  I know some of these pictures look photo shopped, but I assure you they are not.

Facebookers can see the pretty pictures HERE.

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