Live Blogging: Cowboys at Redskins

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Pregame: Preparing for Football Season with some crab cakes from TJ’s and while still basking in the glow of a Rangers sweep of the hated Yankees.

Pregame:  Do we really need this tired ripoff of “Are You Ready for Some Football”?

Pregame:  I’m setting the over/under on the number of times we see the “Brees ‘Personality’” commercial at 4 1/2.  I swear I saw it 100 times today and it’s already run once in the pregame.

Pregame:  I’m fearful of a sloppy preseason and a banged up offensive line.  Prediction 24-20 Deadskins.

Q1 15:00:  And here we go…………..!

Q1 14:55:  “Miles Austin, Garfield Highschool”, pretty cool!

Q1 14:50:  “First catch and first down from the Garfield HS graduate!

Q1 13:05:  MB3 looks good early with a couple of easy first downs.

Q1 12:25:  Dez just 2 yards on his first catch. Then back with the same play for minus 1. 

Q1 11:01:  Even when the ball doesn’t even get to him, Roy Williams looks bad as he’s driven to the ground after a deflection.

Q1 4:29: Cowboys finally able to stop them on 3rd down.

Q1 4:25:  FG Washington [Wash 3  Dal 0]

Q1 4:11: Jones in Space.  New this year on the WB.  That’s funny cause the WB doesn’t exist anymore.

Q1 1:19:  Wow.  Roy Williams makes a tough catch and then seems to be broken.

Q1 0:45:  Jesus Fuck.  That sort swing pass to Bryant isn’t working. STOP IT.


END of the First Quarter – Washington 2  Dallas 0


Q2 14:21:  Buehler missed a kick.  Someone get a Gramatica on the blower.

Q2 11:47:  Are you fucking kidding me?? Who the fuck called a time out on a play that was going to go for miles??  MB3 was headed for the house.

Q2 11:47:  Brees commercial second showing.

Q2 11:40:  Good thing they still picked up the 1st down on a similar play.

Q2 10:39:  Offense seems to be just as disorganized as in the preseason.  Maybe they should try that 1 yard swing pass to Bryant.  No one would ever expect that again.

Q2 8:15:  Nice FB dive for 7 yards and to get the offense off their own goal line.

Q2 0:22:  I haven’t written much in the last 8 minutes because I was passed out from boredom.

Q2 0:00: TD Washington.  [Wash 10  Dal 0]   OMG.  Choice fumbles with no time left.  Fall down, goddammit!!


END OF THE FIRST HALF – Washington 10   Dallas 0

Q3 15:00:  Let’s hope things go better this half.

Q3 14:55:  Nice tackle by the kicker Buehler.  Still doesn’t make up for his miss, though.

Q3  11:12:  Washington calls their second timeout of the half.  Will this come back to bite them?  I’m not sure anyone could possibly know that.

Q3 10:23:  Scandrick is offsides on a made Washington FG.  Did this team even go to training camp?

Q3 9:37:  Interception by Newman in the endzone.  But he held just before the pick for a Washington first down.  This just keeps getting better and better. 

Q3 9:21:  Jenkins make two plays in a row to keep the Redskins out of the endzone.  At least someone cares.

Q3 9:15:  Juggled snap on the FG hold and Newman’s fuck up is nullified.  Cowboys ball on downs.  Is this the turning point of the season?  Is anyone still watching this mess?

Q3 7:36:  Jesus F Christ.  Why is Roy Williams on the team.  The ball was in your fucking hands Roy.  Catch it.  You suck.  Die.

Q3 6:55:  Bryant is fast right?  Why all these short routes?  Well, no points again on a drive.  Worst Offense Ever.  This team will not score the entire season as long as Roy Williams is playing. Cut his ass.

Q3  5:05:  Ugh.  Wildcat for 4 yards.  That will get us back  in the game.

Q3  4:15:  Bryant finally thrown to downfield.  First down!

Q3  3:50:  Nice.  Option football baby.  Somewhere Emory Bullard is smiling in his grave.  He’s dead, right?

Q3 1:41:  TD Miles Austin.  [Wash 10  Dal 7]

Q3 1:41:  BTW on that play MartyB motioned to the left and seemed to start blocking one second after the snap.  Is there a less interested player in the NFL than MartyB? 

Q3 1:33:  Buehler with his second tackle fo the game.  I’m not sure that’s a good sign when your kicker is having to make tackles.

END OF THIRD QUARTER – Washinton 10  Dallas 7

Q4 14:50:  Ware with the sack.  Finally they get to McNabb.

Q4 11:30:  MartyB with the stupid block in the back to negate another nice catch and run by Austin.  This also set up the very unstable 1st and 12.

Q4 11:18:  The one yard swing past to Roy Williams is not going to work either, Garret.

Q4 10:20:  Mmmmmmm 3rd and 26 after a hold and false start.  Somewhere Flozell Adams is smiling in his grave.  He’s dead, right?

Q4 7:40: Seriously.  Stop throwing to Roy Williams.  They had a fucking Linebacker on him.  He sucks.  Cut him.  NOW!

Q4 6:20:  Another set of downs that ends in a punt thanks to a an ill-advised throw to Williams.

Q4 4:31:  Uhoh.   Ware’s down.  There goes the season.

Q4 3:10:  Defense is tired.   Washington is finally able to run the ball on a gassed Dallas D.

Q4 1:50:  FG Washington.  Wash 13  Dal 7.   We’re gonna need some Romo Jedi magic.  Please someone give Roy Williams some pom-poms and have him on the sidelines cheering instead of “running” routes.

Q4  1:45:  Ogltree with the kick return.  Where has he been all night??

Q4 0:11:  Austin keeps it interesting with a 31 yard catch on 4th and 10.

Q4 0:08:  Williams again?? STOP IT!

Q4 0:03:  Boring game until the final two minutes.

Q4 0:03:  Last play of the game.

Q4 0:00:  TD Williams but negated by a Barren’s third holding call.  With no time left the game is over on an offensive penalty.

FINAL  Washington 13 Dallas 7

Nice game guys.  Keep playing like this and you’ll get that first pick in the draft.

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