Live Blogging NFL Week 3: Cowboys @ Texans

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Pregame:  Don’t expect much of me today.  I’m still hungover from the Rangers clinching the American League West celebration.

Pregame:  And don’t expect much from the Cowboys.  The players are the same and, more importantly the coaches are the same.  Prediction:  Texans 35  Cowboys 24.

Q1 14:15  – No Roy Williams on the second play.  And it goes for 14 and a first down.

Q1 13:31 – No Roy again and another successful play to MartyB.

Q1 13:01 – I didn’t notice on the first play, but it appears Dez is the second WR.

Q1 11:10 – I went back to rewatch the first play of this drive, and Roy was on the field.  But it appears he’s not been in since.

Q1 10:55 – Roy was in that play.  I’m not sure why you would run that with Choice and not MB3.

Q1 10:15 – I feel like Felix would have busted that for far more yardage a year or two ago. He’s lucky to have gotten the first down.

Q1 8:53 – Too many men in the backfield??  I’ve seen that movie.

Q1 8:18 – Is Witten still concussed.  He had two of the three penalties on that drive.  Oh, and three penalties on your opening drive does little to show that any improvement on that front was achieved.  THIS TEAM SUCKS.  It can’t help but get in its own way.

Q1 6:00 – That was Ware racing from rushing the QB to tripping up the RB downfield.  Awesome.

Q1 5:20 – And now he has a sack.  At least someone came to play today.

Q1 2:55 – MartyB is the dumbest football player in the NFL.  And 3rd & 3 is a passing down and you only had one WR (Miles Austin) on the field??  I don’t consider Roy a WR since he does very little receiving.  And then you send MB3 out wide??  And your brilliant play is to get it MartyB?  Jason Garret you kill me with your comedic play callings.

Q1 2:21 – Great play by Sensabaugh to break up what looked to be a big gainer.

Q1 1:20 – Early on it appears the Texans are targeting Terrance Newman.

End Of The First Quarter – Dallas 0  Houston 0

Q2 14:16 – SERIOUSLY??  3rd and 19 and they give up with a draw and you let them make the first down??

Q2 11:09 – Way to hold them to a FG after giving up that unconscionable 3rd and 19.

Q2 11:06 – FG Texans [Hou 3  Dal 0]

Q2 11:06 – So, Miller Lite, by Triple Hops Brewed, you mean that three hops buds were used in the entire decades production of your flavorless swill??  Who’s doing your marketing these days?  The people that care about hops aren’t going to drink your dreck.

Q2 10:50 – Nice play once again negated by a stupid penalty.

Q2 9:40 – I would be remiss to not mention that Roy makes his first catch of the game.

Q2 8:55 – And now his second for a big first down.  Still no throws to Austin.

Q2 6:59 – Nice try for the home run to Dez.

Q2 6:52 – Where have you been Dez Bryant.  All he does is make plays.

Q2 5:40 – Roy again with a tough catch for a first down.

Q2 5:03 – Wha?  You’re gonna throw across the field to the dumbest player in the NFL?  How is that a good idea.  Cowboys are lucky that didn’t get picked off.

Q2 4:55 – I’ve just about had it with the delayed draw.

Q2 4:09 – Wow.  What effort by Austin to get it down to the 1.

Q2 3:36 – TD MB3 [Dal 7  Hou 3]

Q2 1:55 – Ware with his second sack of the game to force a punt.

Q2 0:27 – Ugh.  Another play canceled by an offensive penalty.

Q2 0:01 – This is exciting 1 second left for Buehler to try to miss the FG.  Prepare to be frustrated with a timeout just as Buehler attempts the miss.

Q2 0:00 – FG Dallas to everyone’s surprise.  How was that not a delay of game penalty??

End of the first Half [Dallas 10 Houston 3]

Q3 11:00 – Come on Dallas.  Let’s stop them here.  Stop giving them big plays on third down.

Q3 10:20 – Woo hoo.  Sack by Ratliff.

Q3 8:19 – Well that didn’t go well.

Q3 6:15 – This has turned into the first two games for the Cowboys where I go near comatose with boredom during the third quarter.

Q3 5:46 – I nice defense stand negated by a dumb play by Jenkins.

Q3 5:36 – But he makes up for it the next play with an interception, the first take-away by the Cowboys of the year.  How is that even possible?

Q3 5:30 – Ok, the delayed draw worked that time.  But still…

Q3 4:55 – That doesn’t mean we have to do it again.  Geez.

Q3 3:25 – WTF.  Sam Hurd??  Where has he been?  Nice catch.

Q3 2:41 – Nice catch by Dez and a nicer tackle by the camera man.

Q3 2:10 – MartyB with a \”smart” first down.  Way to find the open space Marty.

Q3 1:34 – TD Roy Williams.  Is this his best game as a Cowboy?  That’s quite a catch by Roy.  He went up and got it where Romo put it and where the DB couldn’t get it. [Dal 17  Hou 3]

Q3 1:34 – This was also easily the best drive of the season for the Cowboys.  90 yards after the Mike Jenkins interception.  Is this the moment the season turns around for Dallas?

Q3 1:28 – Has all the field goal practice weakened Buehler’s leg?  Still no touchbacks this year.

Q3 1:22 – Now can the defense provide a much needed shutdown inning.

Q3 0:54 – Wow that Foster can run in open space.  Let’s not let that happen again, ok?

Q3 0:11 – Rut roh.  Ratliff coming off gimpy.

End of the Third Quarter [Dallas 17  Houston 3]

Q4 12:34 – Cowboys got lucky with the offsetting penalties.  Brooking has looked lost all season in coverage.  Maybe his pregame rants are taking their toll on him. 

Q4 12:30 – I need to bad mouth more players.  It seems like each time I do they make a huge play.  Huge sack and sack up by Brooking and a huge goal line stand by the Cowboys.  Houston had it 1st and 10 at the half yard line and the Cowboys’ D kept pushing the Texans backwards.

Q4 12:25 – FG Houston [Dal 17 Hou 6]

Q4 11:30 – Not good.  Kosar out with an injury.

Q4 11:00 – And now no gain on a run.

Q4 9:54 – TD Roy Williams.  My Main Man is having a career day. [Dal 24 Hou 6]

Q4 9:04 – Fumbled by Foster recovered by Newman.  Another takeaway by the Dallas Defense.

Q4 8:11 – First down MB3.   Run it and Run it and Run it…..

Q4 5:13 – First down Dez Bryant on 4th down.  It looks so easy today.

Q4 3:40 – FG Buehler.  Everything is working today!  [Dal  27 Hou 6]

Q4 1:15 – Meaningless TD Houston  [Dal 27 Hou 13]

Q4 1:12 – Onsides kick recovered by Houston thanks to another dumb play by MartyB.

Q4 0:36 – Dallas gets their third turnover of the day.  Game over.

End of Game Dallas 27  Houston 13


  1. I read your blog last week. It hurt my feelings. Look who's sorry now though…

  2. I am truly sorry if you were offended by anything I've written. I'm glad that after nearly 30 games of sucking with the Cowboys, you finally chose to prove me wrong.

  3. Yeah, Steve, you should cut Roy some slack. Most guys take 1.8-2 seasons to get acclimated with their new teams

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