2010 In Review: Top 10 Dishes

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Since all I really know about is stuffing my face, my 2010 in Review posts will be largely food-centric.  Please to enjoy.

10) Wok Fried Sea Bass @ 560 – A whole fucking sea bass is fried and then brought to your table to be meticulously torn apart.  Be sure they let you have the extra crispy edges.

9) Smoked Salmon @ TJ’s Seafood Market – So delicious we’ve dubbed it candy. 

8) The Usual @ Cuquita’s – Consists of Queso Flameado, Super Nachos and Chilaquiles.  It’s really three dishes, but you really have to have them all together to satisfy the Cuquita’s craving that reaches to to the depths of your soul.  It’s an orgy of cheese and chorizo, but in a good way.

7) Gyutan (Grilled Beef Tongue) @ Uchiko – I’m not sure I had anything with a beefier flavor in 2010 and that includes a porterhouse at Morton’s.

6) Blueberry Bread Pudding @ The Farm Café – I’ve had a lot of bread pudding pass through my pudding hole.  But none has ever been as good as this.  So fresh blueberryy and puddingy.

5) Parrot Fish @ Dallas Fish Market – The best piece of fish I had all year.  It was early in 2010, so I’m not sure how it was prepared.  But the experience stayed with me, and deserves a high ranking.

4) Mac & Cheese @ Breecher’s Handmade Cheese – So good it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things.  So if you don’t believe me, believe her. 

3) Effingham Inlet Oysters @ Elliot’s Oyster House – I had a lot of oysters in Seattle from all over the Pacific Northwest.  But it’s the Effingham Inlet oysters that I crave to this day.  Nothing has ever tasted so deliciously of the sea as these gems.

2) Bacon Sen @ Uchi – This is so good I had it twice and both times they were for dessert.  Not because it’s sweet, but because it’s a satisfying end of a meal.

1) Foie Gras Nigiri @ Uchi  — You know you’re in for something special when the waiter advises to take several bites of the “sushi” because it’s so rich.  If only I had known of it’s greatness so that I could take even smaller bites to make the experience last longer.

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