Am I the Asshole ?

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Before you reflexively (and enthusiastically) shout “YES!”  Please be so kinda as to wait for my story.

It’s the day after New Years Eve – often referred to as New Years Day, but I’m not one for modern fads – and I’m getting in my Xterra after shopping at Whole Foods in search of grub to heal a booze ravaged body. 

“Excuse me, sir.  Can you help me”, I hear as I’m closing my door.

I roll down my window to see the woman talking from her SUV.

“Can you help me?  I’m running out of gas and I need to get to my mother who’s in the hospital in critical condition and I left my wallet at home\”.

I rolled my eyes, shook my head, raised my window and started my car.

So, am I the asshole?

A common begging technique these days is declaring you need gas money.  I’m not sure why beggars thing this is a better strategy than the “Will drop trow for money” used by the classically trained beggar.   And my spidey sense told me this was such a scam. 


Well, there was another person in the car with the woman – an older man, prehaps her father.  So I am to believe that both people left the house without any money?  Also, there is a 7-11 across the street from the Lakewood Whole Foods.  Why not hang out there where you can ask someone getting gas for help rather than driving around a parking lot?

Your verdict?

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