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One of the statistics gathered by Blogger is what browser my “readers” use to watch porn and occasionally glance at my site.  And it came as a bit of a surprise that a plurality of my page views are done through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

I have recently started a new job.  And, as with most new jobs, it’s been slow to start.  So I’ve been making some visual updates to my blog.

This is a snippet of what my site looks like in Apple’s Safari Browser:


Notice how the headlines beautifully pop out at you.  In my opinion, Safari does the best job at beautifully rendering websites as the designer had intended.  But Chrome and Firefox do a good job as well:


Not so much for Internet Explorer:


The headline is just bland and flat.

I realize that most of my posts are read through Facebook which routinely rapes the formatting of my posts.  But if you do ever wander onto my site to see how my snark is supposed to look, please do it with a quality browser.

And while you’re here, maybe you would like to purchase something from that fine online shopping maven <a href="\”>  Snark doesn’t write itself, ya know.  And Zoë and Alex need kibble.

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  1. Did your five have too much to drink? Just curious. But I agree IE is to only be used when corporate websites refuse to utilize current technology.

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