Thanks, Versus, For Making Me a Pirate

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I planned to conclude my MLK day celebration by sitting down and watching my beloved Dallas Stars face the heinous Los Angeles Kings on my giant DLP TV – I’m literally a thousandaire, folks.  But Versus (it’s a deep deep cable channel specializing in obscure sports, which is why the NHL is on it) decided they needed to colorcast this mighty battle between Pacific division foes thus forbidding my good friends Ralph and Razor from do so.

Well I don’t have Versus.  I recently downsized my cable lineup and it just wasn’t worth the top tier for Versus. 

So I have to ask how a league that can barely draw flies in most markets can allow their “broadcasting partner” to block the viewing of their product to virtually everyone in our great nation’s fifth largest market? 

Sure, I guess I could blame Dish Network for assigning Versus to the higher tier.  But I’m an American and I don’t want my opinion complicated with facts.

Heartbroken that there would be no Stars for me tonight, I used the google and found a site that was “sharing” the game with friends.

Oh happy day.

Yeah, it was grainy picture and there was only a rumor of a puck in play.  But I thwarted The Man.  So, props to me.

One interesting note, the feed was from Canada’s TSN network and I got to see a political advertisement for who ever is there Prime Minister.  He claimed that Canada has lower unemployment rate than the US.  Unless the corporate media has lied to me, that just means that we’re more productive.  So suck on that Canada.

By the way, The Stars won 2-1 on Jamie Langenbruner’s power play goal in the 2nd.

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