Eating Lower Greenville: World Piece Café

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Synopsis A confusingly named lower Greenville eatery is visited by the King and quickly shutters and moves to the old York Street location.
What I Liked Ummm.  Well, the foie gras was ok.
What I Didn’t Like Ummm.  Well, there wasn’t much to dislike either.
Conclusion One thing that I’ve learned from watching way too much of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is that a restaurant should find what it’s good at and focus on that.  The concept of World Piece Café is an array of foods from around the world, but not in the 900 page Cheesecake Factory menu fashion.

But how can a restaurant do a Moroccan tangine and Flemmish beef stew and do them both really well?  I submit that they can’t and shouldn’t.  Leave the cavalcade of world flavors to the overly flaired Happy McFunster’s.

And hopefully that is was they will be doing.  As we were leaving, we were told that they were moving into the recentlly vacated York St. location and changing the name to Bistro Watel’s.

I’ll probably give the new location a try since it is walking distance to my house.


Map picture

Note:  The map is to the new location.

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