Thirsty Thursday: Mikkeller Monk’s Brew

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I drink the beers you’re too afraid to sip.

Synopsis A Danish brewery does its best to apologize to the rest of the word for Heineken.  Oh and don’t get me all confused about the difference between Denmark and Holland.  Seriously, don’t crap all over my joke.
Pour Monk’s Brew pours super dark with a big thick head.  Oh great, now I’m writing gay porn.
Aroma There’s a lot of chocolate and a bit of coffee.
Flavor I have to admit my prejudices, but I figured a beer called Monk’s Brew would have a strong Belgian style flavor.  It does not.  It tastes more like a very strong porter.
Conclusion What the beer lacks in Belgiany goodness it more than makes up in ABV.  This is no doubt a good beer.  But I can’t put it among my all time favorites.  But after a complete 750ml bottle I am feeling really good.

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