The Wire Rewind: Season 1 Disk 1

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It’s been three years since <a href="The Wire: The Complete Series\”>The Wire came to an end.  With no Lost or 24 or any of the great shows of the aughts no longer with us, I figured this would be a good time to rewatch the greatest television show of all time.  These posts will offer little analysis or recap or review.  For stuff like that, go the The AV Club.  This will just be a nostalgic look back one DVD disc at a time.  There will be spoilers.  So don’t read this if you haven’t seen it.

The Target

“How is it you always have the whole world pissed off at you?”

— Bunk to McNulty

  • D’Angelo Barksdale sure has nice turtleneck sweaters.
  • I didn’t remember Lance Reddick with hair.
  • Stringer!  Bunk!  McNulty!  Bubs!
  • Kima has a Moka Pot !


The Detail

“Officer Pryzbylewski shot the wall, Lieutenant”

— Kima

  • As a fan also of Homicide: Life on the Streets, it’s fun to see actors that play roles on both shows.  Like one of the bad ass drug lords from H:LotS is the coroner in The Wire.
  • I had completely forgotten about the deadwood detectives Polk and Mahon.
  • Bubs and the red hat.  Fuckin’ smart!
  • I guess Bodie and D’Angelo haven’t seen the pink goop McNuggets are made out of.
  • Is Morris Levy an anti-Semitic stereotype?  Shit, just call the man Jewy Jewman and get it over with.
  • No one is fully good or evil in The Wire (well, maybe Marlo Stanfield).  Daniels gives Prez his excuse for cold-cocking the kid and blinding him in one eye.


The Buys

You can’t be playin no checkers on a chessboard, yo.

— D’Angelo to Bodie and Wallace

  • D’Angelo’s teaching his boys how to play chess foreshadows upcoming events.
  • Omar!  One of the top five teevee characters ever.
  • McNulty bangs State’s Attorney Pearlman.  He’s soon to be Eskimo brothers with Daniels.
  • Man, McNulty is an asshole.
  • Mahon giving Polk a drag of his cigarette when Polk was down after getting punched by a perp was priceless.  Or was it Polk to Mahon?  I don’t know which is which yet.
  • Daniels is dirty?  I forgot about that.

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  1. I see your Marlo Stanfield and raise you a Snoop.BTW…have you seen the trailer for Cedar Rapids? Killing me. Shiiiiiit.

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