Blu-Ray Review: The Road

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“Will this movie ever end?”

— Me

Synopsis It’s the end of the world, as we  know it.  Please put a bullet in my head.

More accurately, Aragorn and the boy he had with Liv Tyler who now looks like Charlize Theron travel south through a dystopian America to a beach avoiding cannibals and suicidal depression along the way.

What I Liked
  • Omar Little showing up, presumably near Baltimore.
  • If gray depressing landscapes can be beautifully shot, then this is a beautifully shot movie.  I highly recommend the blu-ray upgrade for this film.
What I Disliked
  • This is easily the most depressing movie ever in the history of ever.
  • I’m not a fan of cannibals
The Numbers
  • No breasts
  • Multiple beasts (cannibals)
  • Cannibal-fu
  • Dystopia-fu
  • Academy Award nomination to me for sitting through this entire movie.
Conclusion I sat through two and a half hours of abject depression expecting some kind of payoff.  There was none.   I understand that a movie does not have to be “entertaining” per se.  But what was the point of this?  Every other creature, plant and animal was dead.   There was absolutely nothing to live for.  So why keep on going?  If that was the point of the movie then answer the question – why keep on going?

C-  King Wally says check it out if you can watch it while receiving a Prozac drip. 


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