It’s Not Just Me That Remembers The Good Ol’ Days

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Except for a handful of visits to The Libertine, I hadn’t been down on lower Greenville on a Thursday since the good old days of Thursday Night Liver Practice at The Blarney Stone.  I had read on City of Ate that the food trucks had finally arrived at the old burned out Arcadia block and decided to take a side trip on my usual dog walk through Lakewood.

We hit Greenville on Prospect between the Char Bar and some Hookah bar.  BTW, is there anything douchier than a hookah bar?  Oooh, look at me I’m smoking something with honey and eucalyptus.  I’m so avant garde.

We then headed north and as I’m walking passed (the recently closed?) Winedale’s, Alex, on her long retractable leash, heads right into The Blarney Stone patio and waits patiently at the door.  I get to the Blarney Stone and she looks back at me as if say, “Hey, hurry up.  Alan has a Guinness in there for you and I’m ready to hang out here with all my friends!”.

I cried a little inside.

There does appear to be something afoot at the Blarney Stone.  I couldn’t quite tell what. But there is a fridge with beer inside.

As for the food trucks, I guess I got there too early or too late.


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