Live Blogging Mavs @ Lakers: Game 1 NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals

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Pregame:  I’m not really sure why I’m doing this or if I will do another game.  I don’t really like basketball and am barely a fan of the Mavericks.  Ideally, I would be live blogging game 2 of Stars/Sharks or some such. 

First Quarter

12:00  I love the classy old school team introductions.  Hey Cuban, take notes.  A basketball game doesn’t have to feel like you’re in the middle of a pinball machine.

10:46  With the Lakers scoring the first two points of the game the question has to be asked, is Marv Albert wearing a Teddy or a Camisole tonight?

9:03  JFC  how many steps does Gasol get to make???

6:02  TO  LA 12  DAL 8

5:56  Peja always makes me scared.  But he scored so I\’m ok with him on the floor for now.

4:46  Pao Gasol is an All NBA first team dumb-face team member.

4:15 Peja doing what Peja do, three pointers.

3:55 And then blows the fast break layup.

3:00 Mavs take their first lead on a JET 3

2:30 Kidd misses a 3.  Let’s not fall in love with the long ball guys.

2:09 TO  DAL 21 LA 19

0:25  No more JJ 3s please.

End of the First Dallas 25  Los Angeles 23

Second Quarter

12;00  My pre-game notes show that Dirk was ecstatic about Pope John Paul II’s beatification this weekend.  Thus making this series a battle between the German Papist and the anal rapist.

10:30  The JET is on fire.

9:00   Too many 3 point attempts.

8:00 TO  DAL 32 LA 29

6:15 TO DAL 36 LA 33

6:15  I’m not gonna lie to you.  This is the part of the game that I usually nod off.  So I don’t know how much blogging I can get done napping.

5:08  Great defense by Chandler. 

5:07  Yeah, that’s all I got.  It’s looking less likely of another live playoff blog.

3:44  Jet causes the turnover but redeems with the fastbreak bucket over Kobe. 

3:42 TO DAL 40 LA 37

2:00 TO DAL 42 LA 41

0:01  How do you foul someone 70 feet from the basket? Huh, Jet?

End of Half  Los Angeles 53  Dallas 44

Third Quarter

12:00  I’m gonna call Secret Encounters.  There looks to be some hot chicas there that are into me.

11:35  Artest with the steal and score.  That’s not a good start to the half.

11:15  Another Mavericks miss.  What did Carlisle talk about in the locker-room?

10:40  Another steal.  Ugh.

10:37  TO  LA 60  DAL 44

9:32  Is this game still on?  I dozed off for a bit.

5:36  Lakers are looking very Mavs like by throwing up quick three attempts when ahead.

5:19  TO LA 64  DAL 61

5:19  Seeing those highlights of the last time these teams met in the playoffs, I wonder, will shorts ever be that short again?  I hope not.  That video look like what was playing at The Pony Bar.

End of the Third  Los Angeles 78  Dallas 71

Fourth Quarter

9:04  A barrage of Mavericks threes had brought them to within one.

8:46  TO LA 80  DAL 79

8:46  I really should be more excited.  But how can I get my head in the game when the Rangers are blowing games with their makeshift 40yo closers.

6:38  TO LA 86  DAL 83

5:05  TO LA 90 DAL 85

5:05 Sorry once again for the bloggin fail.  I tried to do something new and it just didn’t work out for me.

2:12 TO LA 92 DAL 89

2:12 I’ve never felt the Mavs could win this game.  Even when they were ahead, I knew there would be a Lakers run.  That’s what passes for my basketball analysis.  I got nothing.

0:20  LA 94  DAL 93

0:19  Dirks free throws give the Mavs a one point lead.  Stop Kobe and win the game, guys.

0:19  DAL 95  LA 94

0:03  Are you fucking me??  Kidd with the steal.  Going to the line and miss the first.  Oh dear.

0:03  DAL 96  LA 94


I dunno how they did it.  But the Mavericks win.  Theeeeeeeeee Mavericks Win.

Dallas 96  Los Angeles 94

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