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Sometimes writing is difficult.  Sometimes writing is like pounding a brick wall with a ball-peen hammer in the hope that the barricade will evolve into a revolving door.  Sometimes writing is like talking to a stranger who’s exactly like yourself in every possible way, only to realize that this stranger is boring as shit.

— Chuck Klosterman
Eating the Dinosaur


Yet another case of bloggers block has afflicted me for much of the past few months.  Nothing particularly interesting has been going on in my life.  And the one thing that does interest me, my new paleo lifestyle, I think would bore whatever readers I may have left.  Plus, I don’t want this to become yet another paleo blog preaching to the choir about eliminating grains, seed oils and fructose from your diet.  Seriously, once you’ve said that, there’s nothing much to blog about.

And then there’s this quote:

The thing to do when you burn out blogging what you usually blog about is not to quit, but blog about what\’s making you happy at the moment. Been doing it since 2003.

You\’ll loose some readers.

…And? Fuck \’em.

Richard Nikoley


So maybe I will blog about paleo when something of interest pops up. But in the mean-time, I will probably be sharing my adventure into the exciting world of  charcutarie.

I’m sorry this wasn’t very funny.  In fact there was no humor in it at all.  But sometimes the blog is more cathartic than comedic.

Go Rangers!


  1. i would be quite happy to read some paleo blogging from you and would probably even comment

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