The Summer of Steve

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Once again I find myself free from employment and in a mental state that I’m not that interested in perusing employment any time soon.  With the exception of a two week trip to Germany and other parts of Euroland at the beginning of September, I have no definitive plans for the rest of the summer.

Therefore I seek the advise of the one or two of you who read this crap.  What should I do the the next six weeks?  Specifically I’m looking for blog worthy activities.  The goal being that for the next 8 weeks, blogging will be my job. 

Here’s how it will work.  You give me something worth blogging about.  This attracts even more readers. And everyone buys stuff from Amazon through my website.  The more stuff that is purchased the more money I make the more time I can spend blogging.  It’s truly perpetual motion machine that is kicked off by your great ideas.

What’s worth purchasing on Amazon?  How about the latest in George R. R. Martin\’s A Game of Thrones series.

or maybe you need to catch up on Breaking Bad?

Sure this all sounds like I’m whoring myself out to Amazon.  But if this can stave off real employment by just week, won’t it be worth it? Widgets


  1. Rewatch the Wire? Or start a hobby that you can use to obtain income. Perhaps ironic arts and crafts you can sell on etsy?Create a facebook app to shame all the people that only read your blog on facebook.

  2. Did you watch game of thrones? if so, rewatch and blog. or read it and blog.yeah, how about a better fb app to import posts? i can't get mine to work well.or a summer of steve iphone app. with a hungry caveman or something

  3. I do need to get back to The Wire.I just watched all of Game of Thrones last weekend. I was seriously thinking about reading the first book. But I'm a bit scared at 1000 pages.How about Angry Cavemen?

  4. i like angry cavemen. they can throw each other at mammoths!the problem with GoT is that you'll be spoiling yourself for next year. the books are worth it, but if i were you i might stick with the show only. if it ends up cancelled, you can about looking into diff possible euro wkend trips and blogging about each — pros and cons. could be funny!

  5. I'd like you to go somewhere unexpected for you but very stereotypical Dallas and live blog observations. Like a super douchey bar or restaurant. Perhaps one in which you can see a plastic surgery consultation clinic.

  6. I agree with michelle. or why not be a tourist in dallas? go see the 6th floor, a cattle drive in FW, all the touristy stuff. you can be snarky & helpful! hopefully more the former. i'm thinking of doing this for the dorf, so there could be synergy!

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