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unfrozen caveman lawyerSince Pokey requested postings about Paleo I figured I would start with my favorite resources I use to guide my way through my new lifestyle (I hate that word.  Please someone come up with a better term for this.)


Although not technically a book about Paleo, the great Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calorieis my number one scientific resource that, at least in my mind, lays out the story of how bad science has led to our current obesity epidemic through the government’s decree that we all eat low-fat/high-carb. 

For a good foundation in Paleo (or Primal, if you will), Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint not only gives you the information to correct the damage Neolithic foods have done to you, but also contains the philosophy of 80/20.  This is, paleo/primal is not a religion in which we must do penance because a molecule of fructose/gluten/omega-6 fatty acid may have snuck into our bloodstream.  We live in the real world with real world problems and sometimes you really need some ice cream.  Just don’t do it every day or even every week.  But mostly, just don’t sweat it.  In other words, do the best you can most of the time and you won’t end up looking like Phatty McFaterson.


Unfortunately, my two favorite bloggers are experiencing a bit of bloggers block and haven’t posted much if at all recently.  The Archevore is my favorite scientific paleo blog.  It is here that I Dr. Kurt Harris has simplified Paleo (what he calls the Archivore Diet) approach of avoiding/eliminating the three horsemen that cause the disease of civilization – grains, seed oils and fructose.

For a more in-your-face form of paleo, I turn to Free The Animal.  Richard Nickoley’s uses his blog to promote the paleo lifestyle that often criticizes the stupidity of veganism as well as the more religious aspects of paleo conformity.


I’m now down to just one paleo podcast a week, Angelo Coppola’s  Latest in Paleo.  It’s a very well done recap in all things healthy food/lifestyle related.  My favorite thing about the podcast is it’s motto, “Human beings are not broken by default.”

I did, for a time, listen to Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast.  This is a question/answer style podcast and after a while, you can pretty much answer the questions yourself. 

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  1. may have to borrow your primal blueprint book. also, non-primal Lagunitas sixpacks are $6.99 at Central Market. wow!

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