“… we can do better that to clamor for mob rule”

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Every now and then I read something that makes we want to scream “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!”  This article from FreeTheAnimal.com just did that.  This is Richard Nickolay’s  treatise on the absurdity of the Neolithic concept of democracy..

The key paragraphs:

The principle: I don\’t have a right to even a 1 in 300 millionth say in your affairs and I would not do that to you. In summary, I don\’t vote because I have no moral right to, even before the fact that it\’s totally masturbatory on a practical level.


Sure, admittedly, since nothing will really change, I welcome more rational depth than not. Obama is a commie. W. Bush was an elitist incompetent, far worse than his dad which isn\’t saying much, Clinton was a fucking liar of epic proportions and Reagan was a superstar personality who set us off on the greatest federal spending spree since Johnson. Carter is still an embarrassment in every way I can imagine as a man. Ford knew more about baseball than history and Nixon was a general shitbag.

That\’s the extent of my personal first hand knowledge. Fuck them all. Why the hell should I vote?


My curiosity is why a human animal would want to subjugate itself to such a process. We\’re social animals, but did not evolve in an ant hill or bee hive; we evolved in very small societies where you-animal could account for every other member. And every other member could account for you. Compromise is actually natural in this sort of setting. You compromise all the time in your close social circle and it\’s perfectly natural and makes the world go round.

While I certainly don’t feel as strongly about the nonsense that is our democratic system, I do understand what he’s getting at.  It saddens me when I see Facebook updates from friends on both sides of the political spectrum declaring the evil of the other side while ignoring the very same evil on their side.  Time and time again I’ve been told from one side that if the other side wins this most important election in the history of the universe, life as we know it will cease to exist and we will all become slaves to the puppet masters of the other side. 

But it never happens.  Life goes on.

And this great institution of democracy has brought us to the brink of economic collapse because one party wants to spend the money of our grandchildren at a slightly less exorbitant rate than the other party. 

And, no, I don’t have a solution to this problem.  Jesus Christ, have you even been reading this blog.  I only complain.  I never offer up solutions.

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