Really?? This Was the Best You Could Do?

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Wow.  I would like to congratulate the fucktards in congress for congratulating themselves for solving the debt crisis.  They have selflessly slashed $1Trillion (with a T, if you can’t read) (wow, that’s a lot)  over the next ten years.

What’s that you say?  Speak up?

Over the next ten years.

WHAT?  So all this bickering and hand wringing has been over $100 billion?  We’re taking our $3.8 trillion budget and reducing it to $3.7 trillion.  That’s like if I’m about to default on my mortgage and tell the bank, “Hey, I just canceled HBO.  That’s a savings of $3000 over the next 10 years.”  They would then ask for my keys and tell me to get the fuck out of their house.

But, Steve, it’s so haaaaard to make real cuts.  The Federal gummint is very important (just ask them).  It can’t be cut.

Oh yeah.  How about this:

  • All those troops in Japan and Germany?  I find it amusing so many are concerned about getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan when we have yet to withdraw from countries we were at war with 70 years ago. And do they really need to be there?  Germany is a rich country.  I’m sure it can defend itself against Poland.  How bad can being pelted by pierogies be?  It sounds quite delicious.
  • The Department of Education.  Are the children of America smarter or dumber since the advent of this cabinet office?  Dumber you say.  Then why have it? 
  • Farm Subsidies.  This is easy for me to suggest a cut.  I’m not in Congress where I would regularly be treated to “lobbyists” from Archer Daniel Midland blowing me while handing me thick packs of $100 bills. In fact eliminate the entire USDA.   All they have done is made type II diabetes epidemic with their retarded food pyramid.
  • Means test Social Security and raise the retirement age to at least 70. With the stipulation that we no longer steal from Social Security to pay our credit cards.  The government doesn’t let me take money out of my 401k to pay for a new iPad.  They should have the same restrictions.

There, how many hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars a year did I save and I’m just sitting on my couch in my drawers.

It’s not that hard folks.  Now grow a pair and get back to work.


  1. Eliminating tanning bed subsidies for Congress should save at least $1 billion, based on Boehner footage.I agree with almost everything. I worry that removing american troops from Germany will increase the N. American food gap that currently exists, and that could be devastating to a significant part of the US population. I.e., me.

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