Scientists Find Bagged Lunch Could Lead to Food Poisoning. Still No Cure for Cancer.

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ScienceI read this article on HuffingtonPost and couldn’t help but bang my face against my laptop in exasperation.








The key graph:

According to the University of Texas, a whopping 99% of the 700 box lunches belonging to preschoolers contained foods that were kept at unsafe temperatures. These significant results revealed an accommodating environment for bacteria to grow, ultimately the cause of food poisoning and other bacterial infection.

First of all, it’s no surprise that bullshit like this is coming out of t.u.

Well I guess this explains all the dead preschoolers stacked up like cordwood at my neighborhood nursery school.  As a nation, have we run out of things to worry about?  We now have to hired bored “scientist” to find new things to worry about.  And haven’t kids been taking lunch to school since the dawn of time?  And what exactly is the point of this research?  And what would these researchers have the parents do? Turn their kids over to the “healthy” foods served at schools – fish sticks, mac & cheese, a pudding cup and skim milk?

And the study does not find that the lunches had bacterial growth.  This could have easily been done by swabbing the lunches to see what nasty pathogens were growing in young Aiden’s lunch box.  But I guess we weren’t really interested in finding something bad.  Speculating about catastrophe is far more fun.

Stay tuned for an upcoming headline:

Going Outside Could Lead to Death

Soon to be followed up,of course, with:

Staying Home Could Lead to Death

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