2011 in Review: Top Five Best Deaths

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This was a great year for horrible people to die. Or for great characters to die horribly.  As morbid as it may seem, this is a list of my favorite deaths of 2011.



5 Muammar Quadafi – Sirte, Libya 

Finally our long national struggle to spell his name the same way twice is over.

4 Osama bin Laden – Abbotabad, Pakistan

My Tea Party friends tell me killing bin Laden is the only good thing Barack Hussein Obama has ever done. OK, I don’t have any friends in the Tea Party. And by “friends in the Tea Party”, I mean “friends”.

3 Kim Jong-Il – Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Truly one of the most horrible humans in a family of horrible humans.  He let his people starve as he ate and drank and fucked like a king.  But I hear it was an excellent golfer.  And he was most certainly a snazzy dresser.

Gustavo Fring and Uncle Tio – Santa Fe, NM

*Spoiler Alert*

But really, this happened months ago.  And if you’re not on board with Breaking Bad by now, then too bad*.

They essentially died together.  Although Gus lasted a few glorious seconds longer.  And I included Uncle Tio because I was having a hard time coming up with a fifth great death.

And this is as good of a time as any to go off on my Gus Fring rant.  While Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show ever (sorry about that. The Wire, you’ve been usurped), the character of Gus Fring, no matter how great he was, was simply unbelievable.  One becomes a drug lord for the money, the glamor the women and the power.  Not to pretend to be a manager of a chicken joint.

* But if this has persuaded you to try Breaking Bad and you wish to order the first season on Blu-Ray, may I recommend this link — Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

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  1. Damn You! This cable-free cheapskate is still waiting for Breaking Bad season 4 to come out on Netflix. I mean, I only found out Laura Roslin died yesterday. I suppose Gus is not really a surprise though. Had to be him or Walt at some point.

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