Neko Case Brings the Funny to 2012

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Vermont resident, New Pornographers band member, Twitter savant and frequent participant in this blogger’s most deviant of fantasies, Neko Case has started out 2012 burning up Twitter with her comedy stylings.  Please to enjoy:






  • 2011, you tried to be as shitty as 2010 and failed! Which makes you even more pathetic! Good riddance you soul sucking troll!
  • ***all tweets represent the personal grievances and disappointments of miss case. Happy new year to the rest of you. Xo
  • 2011.Feel like I just got out of the State Penn and now I\’m gonna go hang at a random laundry mat. I have just enough cash to bleach myself.
  • In other words, I was roughly finger-banged by the mayonnaise-y, frat-boy hands of 2011.
  • Time to change out of this unflattering robe and into a animal print snuggie. 2012 is about comfort and embracing my \”benign gender\” status.
  • My vagina is now the lint catcher in my dryer! #Genderbenign2012
  • I was just kidding about my vagina! It\’s right over there in front of the fridge drinking milk straight out the carton!


Although the funniest Tweet of the day:


Scotty L. @MarylandMudflap — Already broke my resolution: I killed a drifter.

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