2011 in Review: Top Five TV Shows

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The Golden age of TV that was the Oughts is long gone.  Must See Tee Vee like Lost, The Shield, The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood and The Wire are now just distant memories relived by Netfilx or HBO-Go streaming.  But there are still a few shows that demand my near immediate attention when they air.







Portlandia (IFC)

A quirky sketch comedy about my beloved Portland makes the list by mocking my beloved Portland in a very quirky, comedic and beloved way.
4 The League (FX)

Nick Kroll may be just about the funniest person on TV right now.  And The League may have had the funniest scene on TV in 2011 with Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum demonstrating how they eat sorbet.
3 Homeland (Showtime)

Essentially a smarter 24 with Clarie Danes being much hotter and crazier than Keifer Sutherland and Mandy Patakin playing the same role he’s played on Criminal Minds and Dead Like Me.
2 Archer (FX) 

Holy shit snacks!!  This is such classic me putting a show like this this high on my list.
1 Breaking Bad (AMC)

It’s the only show on this list that rises to the level and even surpases the shows listed in the introduction.  In my opinion, and that of Chuck Klosterman, it’s the best show ever.

Also receiving votes:  Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Children\’s Hospital, Community and Modern Family

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