2011 in Review: Top Fifteen Pictures

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In reviewing my 2011 pictures two things became obvious to me.  One, I need to take more pictures.  Even though I took almost twice as many pictures as the year before, that was mostly due to taking many more pictures at fewer “picture” opportunities. The second was that there was no obvious best picture of 2011.

In 2009 this was by far the best picture I took of an old couple in a café in Paris.:


In 2010 it was this self explanatory picture:


So, for 2011 I narrowed it down to these fifteen in no particular order.


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  1. I'm psyched that I was the subject of one and there for half! nice work!I still think the wine bottle and glass are the best.Though the 'stache is legendarycomers – voted \”Filthiest Strip Club in DFW\” 3 years and counting!

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