The Horror!! The Horror!!

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What the What?

From TM Daily, this horrific story concerning Texas’  (and thus the world’s) only 6 star BBQ joint:

Franklin BBQ Is Smoking Meatless Brisket

Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is finally expanding. 

Owner Aaron Franklin confirmed to the TM Daily Post that starting tomorrow, April 2, the East Austin restaurant, which usually shuts down every day by 1 or 2 p.m., will serve a “Meatless Monday” dinner every week. 

The $27.95 prix fixe meal is built around a vegan brisket Franklin reportedly developed in collaboration with the meat science department at Texas A&M University. 

“This will help us drive down cost and increase production to keep up with the lines,” said Franklin. “We think it’s an untapped market in the world of Texas BBQ.”

Based on her reporting for February’s “Of Meat and Men” cover story, TEXAS MONTHLYSenior Editor Katy Vine agrees. 

“Half the people in that line are actually vegan hipsters who can’t order any meat,” said Vine. “They just wanted to say they stood in the Franklin line. Now they can have more than coleslaw and Big Red.”

Or is it??

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  1. Sweet zombie Jesus, that's nasty. And I'm not sure if \”meat scientist\” sounds awesome or horrifying

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