Happy Belated Leap Second

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An observant reader of this blog would have by now noticed that The Summer of Steve is not exactly the go to place for up to the minute breaking news weather and traffic on the eights.  Current events are seldom even alluded to, much less discussed in depth.  Since I am always striving to improve my blog*, I will rectify this deficiency, at least for the benefit of creating a comedy bit.

So, it seams we had ourselves a leap-second this weekend.  Unfortunately, I forgot all about it until it had already passed.  But that does not deter me from creating a tried and true comedy staple:  the funny list.  So here is a list of the things I could have done with that extra second had I remembered to do something with it.**

  • Curse JT an additional time for tagging me on pictures of food he knows I would want in my face.
  • Contemplate going to see Magic Mike
  • Vote for Yu Darvish for the last AL All-Star choice.
  • Sex with Neko Case ***
  • Write a list of things I could have done with an extra second****
  • Fall off my bike*****
  • Finally drop True Blood from my Season Pass list.
  • Actually leap once
  • Learn to use a ridiculous number of footnotes.******


* For those dozen or so days a year I actually give two shits about it.
** Sorry for the long setup.  And yes I chose a leaping penguin for the picture because penguins are always funny.
*** Obvious joke is obvious.
**** I didn’t say a funny list.
***** Actually did that.
****** That too.

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