Breaking Bad Facebook Status: Live Free or Die

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breakingbadI’m stealing a page from JT’s blogging playbook in which he lists potential Facebook statuses from recent episodes of 30 Rock.With Season 5 of Breaking Bad having started, I will be doing the same for it.  However I will be departing from JT’s standard by not delineating between Good and Bad statuses.  This is Breaking Bad,after all.  There won’t be any Good statuses.



  • Is familiar with the universal sign for “keys”, scumbag.
  • Is going to put on a black leotard and dangle from a clothesline.
  • Lives in a world of string theories and God particles.
  • Is thinking one thought – Hogan’s Heroes.
  • Can foresee a lot of possible outcomes to this thing.  And not a single one of them involves Miller Time.
  • Yeah, bitch!  Magnets!


For a limited time, this episode can be seen here, unless you live in Düsseldorf

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