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69290979_thumb1_thumbAs a response to NBC’s insistence on tape delaying until the evening the events that get the hausfraus watching, some comic genius has brought us this cavalcade of whimsy.







  • BREAKING: American colonists announce independence, King to respond.
  • BREAKING: Mark Spitz wins gold in 100m freestyle
  • Tune in tonight for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing#NBCFail
  • BREAKING: Governor George W. Bush wins Florida, declared President-Elect. VP Gore to challenge.
  • BREAKING: Dewey defeats Truman in landslide.
  • BREAKING: Roman Emperor Theodosius bans Olympic Games, NBC delay to catch up shortly. #394AD
  • Great Britain wins gold in Tug of War, event to be discontinued at Olympics #Antwerp1920
  • CORRECTION: Dewey doesn\’t defeat Truman, Truman re-elected President.
  • Sources: \”The British are coming, the British are coming\” re: Colonists declaring independence.
  • BREAKING: Michael Jackson has died today at age 50.
  • PROGRAMMING UPDATE: Unfortunately we are not able to delay Ryan Seacrest … or keep him off the set.
  • JUST NOW: Michael Phelps wins Gold for the 4th time.
  • Jimmy Carter announces U.S. boycott of the Olympic games this year.
  • SPOILER ALERT: London to host 2012 Olympics
  • We can\’t take credit for developing delays. Public transit, the Postal Service, airlines and doctor offices pioneered delaying decades ago

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  1. I still can't believe they dropped the shot on the Theodisius.esochly – Victorian term for something that sucked online.

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