Now Will You Stop Drinking That Horrifying Skim Milk

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gotmilkAnd don’t even get me started on the truly evil soy milk.

Sorry for even more science,  but the funny stuff is hard to come by this week.  And this is my blog and thus about the stuff that is of interest to me.  So if you want quarrel with me about what I post to my blog I say to you, kind sir:


So please to enjoy Stephan Guyenet’s reviewing of  his recently published review of recent research about high fat dairy and its alleged link do obesity and heart disease.



Here are our basic findings:

  • High-fat dairy consumption is not associated with obesity, in fact, 11 out of 16 studies found that higher dairy fat intake is associated with lower body fat and/or less fat gain over time.  None identified an association between high-fat dairy consumption and fat gain, although some did find an association between low-fat dairy consumption and fat gain.
  • High-fat dairy consumption is not associated with poorer metabolic health.  Six of 11 studies found that higher high-fat dairy consumption is associated with better metabolic health, while only one found that it was associated with one marker of poorer metabolic health (and this study used an odd design). 
  • The association between high-fat dairy intake and diabetes risk is inconsistent.  Zero of eight studies found that high-fat dairy consumption is associated with diabetes risk, and three found that it was protective.  However, three studies also found that low-fat dairy intake was inversely associated with diabetes risk, compared to no association with high-fat dairy, suggesting by inference that the fat content of the dairy could be harmful.  These studies all adjusted for body fatness.  Since body fatness is a key risk factor for diabetes, and dairy fat intake is inversely associated with body fatness, this is obviously a major confound.  We discussed this and other potential confounds in the paper.
  • The evidence on cardiovascular disease is inconsistent, with a number of studies suggesting a protective association, a few suggesting a harmful one, and several suggesting no association.
  • Dairy fat is a complex substance.  There are major differences in the fatty acid composition of dairy from pasture-raised vs. conventionally raised cows, and many of these fatty acids are bioactive and could influence human health.
  • We also discuss the limitations of observational studies in some detail, and many other issues that I won\’t touch on here.

So stop pouring skim and soy in your coffees and join us cool kids and bask in the luxuriousnessitosity of heavy cream.


  1. Amen. 1. You need fat to help digest all the good stuff in other foods.2. Skim milk tastes like dirty water. I've never understood how people drink this stuff…

  2. Skim milk isn't bad at all. I like mine mixed with some heavy cream. Then it tastes even better than whole milk!

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