Getting Ready for Walkabout 2012

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Whelp, we are now exactly one month away from that time of year again where I travel to exotic locales in order to find myself*. 

Five years ago I embarked on my first Walkabout.  In this inaugural Walkabout I drove from Dallas to Seattle and back; stopping off at as many National Parks as I could.  Why it seems like just yesterday in which I battled the elements while lost in Sequoia National Park and battled the horrible food of the Village Inn.

For Walkabout 2012:  Yet Another Return to Seattle, This Time It’s Personal, I will again be traveling by automobile again to Seattle, but taking a much different route.  The currently planned schedule is the following:

Date Destination
Friday Sep 14 Amarillo
Saturday Sep 15 Grand Junction CO
Sunday Sep 16 Arches NP
Monday Sep 17 Salt Lake City
Tuesday Sep 18 Boise
Wednesday Sep 19 Bend OR
Thursday Sep 20 McMinnville OR
Friday Sep 21 Portland
Saturday Sep 22 Seattle
Sunday Sep 23 Seattle
Monday Sep 24 Spokane
Tuesday Sep 25 Glacier NP
Wednesday Sep 26 Glacier NP
Thursday Sep 27 Bozeman
Friday Sep 28 Yellowstone NP
Saturday Sep 29 Yellowstone NP
Sunday Sep 30 Jackson
Monday Oct 01 Casper
Tuesday Oct 02 Mount Rushmore
Wednesday Oct 03 Colorado Springs
Thursday Oct 04 Amarillo
Friday Oct 05 Dallas



So I know what you must be thinking.  “Those are some kick-ass places to visit.  I sure wish I could join Steve and bask in not only his beauty but also that of our American wilderness.”

Well, you can.  If there is a portion of this trip that intrigues you and you just gotta see** then leave a comment or email me or call me or text me or message me on Twitter or leave a note on my car and let me know. 

And if you don’t want to join me, but know of a “oh shit man, you need to check this place out” spot on my route, please also let me know of that as well.



* By “find myself”, I mean stuff delicious foods and beverages into my delicious foods and beverages hole.
** Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Amarillo?


  1. Stop by Ellsworth AFB on the western edge of SD and you can visit the birthplace of the Jester.

  2. I will definitely do that and photoshop their sign so that it says Birthplace of The Jester/Marquis Designate.

  3. Hit the beartooth wilderness near yellowstone — great hiking, free camping.Also, watch North by Northwest before going to rushmore!Soooooo jealous!

  4. After Rushmore you could go to the Badlands National Park in SD. Its not far and its worth seeing that bizarre landscape. Since you'll be that far East you can return through the great plains states instead of the same old Denver, Colorado Springs Amarillo route that you've done before and will again. Sure they're flat but when you go all the way North to South from the desolation of Wyoming and SD to the cattle range lands to the sand hills to the bread basket farmlands you appreciate the diversity of their flatness and what a huge empty country this is.

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