Amazon Instant Video Review: The Dictator

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Ahhh, America.  The best place of AIDS

Synopsis Sasha Baron Cohen takes a break from Olympic Figure Skating and returns to her roots of portraying offensive third world stereotypes.  This time, a thinly disguised Saddam Hussein is lost in Brooklyn and falls in love with a pixified Anna Ferris.
What I Liked
  • Inexplicable Gary Shandling cameo
  • Inexplicable J. B. Smoove cameo.
  • The ending rant about the flaws of democracy.
  • The last funny movie I’ve seen in a theater was Borat.  This is no Borat.  Not even close.
What Sucked
  • Sasha Baron Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher does not appear in this film.
  • And also everything else
  • We are a Vegan Feminist non-profit cooperative operating within a anti-racist anti-oppressive framework for people of all or no genders.
  • I took a feminist clown workshop once.  Help I’m trapped under a glass ceiling.
  • My Great Grandfather fought in the American Civil Jihad.
  • Wait!  What sorcery is this??
  • Menstruate with Pride!
  • Warning!  Shoplifters will be waterboarded.
  • When the thought of someone’s decapitated head upsets you.  That is love.
  • You two make a really cute couple together.  But maybe you can finish doing this when you’re not elbow deep in my pussy.
  • I’ll shave my armpits for you.
  • two breasts
  • zero beasts
  • Academy Award nomination for Jason Mantzoukas for his role as Rafi on The League, thus making his appearance in this film non-career destroying.
C- King Wally says check it out.

Feel free to check it out for yourself through my Amazon connections.


  1. Up until the very end I was going to give the move a D. The ending rant against democracy tipped it for me to a C-. But, yes, it's only worth watching if you go through my Amazon scheme.

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