Walkabout 2012 Day 1: Dallas to Amarillo

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No pictures taken during day one since it was mostly at night and it would have duplicated many of the pictures taken in the first Walkabout.


  • Why is it I can hear the radio broadcast of the Rockies, White Sox and Cardinals but not the two time defending America League Champion Texas Rangers outside of Wichita Falls?
  • I could, however hear the incoherent rantings of Michael Savage on multiple stations.  Rural America loves them some Savage Nation.
  • Amarillo smells like New Jersey, and by transitivity, Houston.
  • Do the people of Amarillo choose to live here or were they sentenced to live here after abusing a special-needs child?
  • If I later find that I have been infested with bed bugs, I am 99% sure it was the Travel Lodge in Amarillo that did it.

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