Walkabout 2012 Day 6: Boise to Bend

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  • Wow was that a boring drive.  Nothing to take any pictures of.  Plus there’s a huge forest fire in central Oregon making everything very hazy.
  • The people of Bend don’t look very healthy.  And it’s not surprising that Oregon was Ground Zero for our nation’s Meth epidemic.  Heisenberg would make a fortune here.
  • Dinner tonight, fresh local peaches.  Yup, peaches in September.
  • Thank You Super 8 for having real glasses in my room and not making me drink my Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with a plastic cup.
  • Speaking of Super 8, this was is largely abandoned.  Thank you Travelocity Secrets.


Whoohoo!!  My highest Distance to Empty EVAR!


  1. Great stuff so far! But next time, take a bad photo instead of a paragraph about what bad photos you would have taken!Wions – The only way Detroit's team is adorable is when pronounced by a 3-year old

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