Walkabout 2012 Day 7: Bend to Newport

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  • It’s nearly impossible to show how smoky much of this trip was.  I’ve upped the contrast of many of the mountain pictures just to cut through the smoke.
  • Literally drove through a forest fire in the Deschutes Forest which I believe is named after the brewery.
  • This may well have been the most awesomest day of the Walkabout.  It started with the best meal of so far at Chow in Bend and an nice 6 mile hike up and back down a mountain to work off that breakfast.
  • Newport OR feels very much like it could be a small coastal town in Maine.
  • Also making this a great day, the two best smells in the world, ocean and pine forest.  Both of which I enjoyed today.
  • While Georgia’s Beachside Grill was a generic dining experience.  If you’re ever in Newport, swing by and say “Hi” to Deb the spunky bartendendrix who looks like the Goth chick from NCIS and sounds like Sarah Palin.  BTW  that crazy nasally Midwest accent is the dominant accent of Oregon.  You betcha.
  • Every guy in Oregon looks like he’s Skinny Pete or Badger or knows Skinny Pete or Badger
  • While the worst thing about Oregon is you can’t pump your own gas, the best thing is no sales tax.  Oh and the great beer and wine and fresh fruit.

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