Walkabout 2012 Day 15: Bozeman to Yellowstone

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  • I made a tactical error by scheduling being in the most popular National Park on a weekend.  This is easily the most people I’ve seen in a park this year.  I could not even imagine how nuts this place is during the summer.
  • There’s a huge amount of Japanese here.  This must be their favorite park.
  • This place is lousy with buffalos.  It’s almost too boring to photograph them.
  • Geysers are a great place to take a date.  You can fart up a storm and the horrible smell of the geysers will give you cover.
  • Easily my worst meal of the trip at Three Bear Restaurant.  Extremely old school.  The place had a soup and salad bar for Christ sake. I had the bone-in bison steak.  It was ok.  But everything else seemed to pre-made / purchased.


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