I Will Never Forget You, Rural Juror : 30 Rock Series Finale Facebook Statuses

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TGSAll great things must come to an end.  And as I finish one final bag of Sabor de Soledad, I give to you one last set of Facebook statuses gleaned from 30 Rock*.



  • Just completed my six-sigma wheel of domination.
  • Has a degree in ethno-musicology from Wesleyan.
  • Is just an alcoholic with a great voice.
  • Spent Christmas alone in the Hamptons drinking Scotch and throwing firecrackers at Billy Joel\’s dog.
  • Is going out for cigarettes right now.  I\’ll be back in 15 minutes.
  • Hogcock!
  • Grover Cleveland called.  He wants his watch back.  And he left two non-consecutive messages.
  • Wouldn’t be caught dead in a sweater-vest. **

* Yes, I stole this from JT

** OK,  those last two were from Archer.

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