Eating Épernay: La Cave à Champagne

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** Warning, the following blog post may contain images and descriptions of  extreme gastronomic hyperbole that sensitive readers may find offensive.  Reader discretion is advised. **

Holy fucking shit-snacks was that good.


Oysters tasting strongly of the Jersey shore bringing back memories of my childhood.  Both in a good way.



The best foie gras ever.  It was like drinking unicorn tears off an angel’s taint.


The leader in the clubhouse for tastiest dish of Walkabout 2013.  Coquille St. Jacques in a cream sauce the makes all other cream sauces retire in shame.


Perfectly cooked duck, the best potato gratin ever and a nice and interesting celery root purée.


A very nice cod, lentils and the same celery root purée.


And now an assortment of our everyone’s desserts.






Very much out of character for me, I went with the Crème brûlée.


It was very good.


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