Walkabout 2013 Day 9: Düsseldorf to Faenza

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Since I’m working during the day in the ‘dorf, I haven’t had much of a chance to take pictures and explore.  It’s also been very rainy and dreary here.  It seems my power to bring sunshine and blue skies to Seattle does not also extend to Düsseldorf.

We got into Bologna too late to take any quality pictures on the ride from Bologna to Faenza.  But we did get to the hotel in time for yet another great meal.


A nice Albana made by the hotel/vineyard for the starter of pasta in broth.


Main course Sangiovese also made by the hotel.


The above mentioned pasta in broth.


Ridiculously good pork and radicchio.


Local salumi and cheeses.


Veggies.  Those tomatoes were the shiznit.


Berries and gelato


with biscotti – all homemade.


Cool picture.

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