Inventing Second Dinner

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Sometimes the food options are too numerous and the only alternative is to have a second dinner.  That was quandary presented in Faenza.  After having had an amazing lunch at Manueli’s we were presented with the opportunity of eating at both Spinetta and at our hotel.  So why not both. 

First dinner was at Spinetta and was only a plate of local salumi and cheeses.  I forgot my camera so no pix. 

Second dinner back at the hotel.  It was BBQ night.  They fired up the grill and served an assortment of meats.  Is there a better phrase in English than “an assortment of meats”?


Bolangese.  Seeminly everyone at Manueli’s was getting a big bowl of Bolagnese and it made me want some.


Obviously some kind of stuffed pasta.  But I don’t remember much of them except they were delicious and had a strong rosemary flavor.


Homemade sausage, pork belly and pork loin.


Steak, medium rare.  At this point I’m about to explode.  A glass of grappa helped ease the pain but I could eat no more.


To celebrate winning the day food and wine-wise, the day was finished with a bottle of local sparkling wine. 

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