Drinking Prague: Absinthe Time

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We like to call it “Saturday Night in Prague”
— JT

A bar so nice, we went their twice.
So here’s my theory about how absinthe makes you crazy.  I’m not buying it.  Not because it didn’t make me crazy, but because I genuinely think you have to already be crazy to like this shit.  Van Gogh would have cut off his ear if he had been drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  So stop blaming the absinthe.
But thanks to our fine Bartendrix, Natalie (aka The Fake Arya Stark), I did grow to appreciate absinthe to a limited extent.
On our second trip to Absinthe Time, three of us ordered unusual drinks.  JT accidently ordered a drink that had a bug chaser.  So that’s the bug in the pictures people are playing with.
I ordered a Witches Brew that was easily the most horrible drink I’ve ever had.  But the presentation was spectacular and I wanted to video it.  So I ordered one.

Before drinking, you’re supposed to inhale the vapors produced by the fire for an added buzz.  But by this time, I was sufficiently buzzed to not register a difference.
It turned out The Fake Mila Kunis, who made it the night before and not our beloved Natalie, didn’t know what she was doing.  This night, the Witches Brew was lovely.
And Jason ordered some shot where you have to snort a line of fine sugar first.

Absinthe Time == Good Times


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