The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Day 1

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Whelp.  It seems that I didn’t spend nearly enough money in Europe and have found myself with way too much dough in my checking account.  Not wanting to start a cocaine habit, I’ve decided to do the next most foolish thing and remodel my house.


I’ve been without central air since the summer of 2009.  So the first step is to upgrade the air conditioning.  Gone is the attic fan that hasn’t worked since 2010 and in its place a bigger intake vent.


A before picture for future reference.


The kitchen/dining room will be my future master bedroom.


Who thinks I need a bigger kitchen?


So long to the window unit and the dog-hair accumulating extension cord needed because the circuit near the ac is the same as the TV and they both can’t be on.  And also, goodbye to this opening.  This will be closed to expand the spare bedroom.


My future kitchen.



Future home of the bar overlooking the new second living area.


This opening is also being closed up.


Up close look at the new intake.


That wall is about to go away for a larger room that, no doubt will result in even a larger mess.


  1. You getting your own hands dirty at all? Or hiring everything out to contractors? Looking forward to the next party -pokey

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