The Making of The Wallagio 2.0: Week 7 and 8

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My personal laptop got packed away while, so I have been unable to process pictures.  But I have been taking them throughout.  Rather than dump a bunch of pics, I’ll list them out by day and what happened that day.

Sept 8



Baseboards installed.


Oven installed.  The kitchen is now fully functional.




Sept 9


More progress on my new bedroom.


Spare bath getting demoed.



Zoe loves the new floors.


Even more progress with the new bedroom.


Spare bedrooms floors ripped up.


More progress on spare bath.

Sept 11


Bedroom is practically ready for me to move in.

Sept 13


Backsplash, floor tile and cabinet hardware installed.

Sept 14


Tile in the spare bath finished.


Bedroom finished and being lived in.


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