The Real Tonight Show, Alive and Well on Youtube

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Last week when my one-time leader David Letterman announced his retirement, I stumbled upon this video of Dave talking to the great Johnny Carson about not getting The Tonight Show job.

I then discovered that whole episodes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson are now available on YouTube.  There are currently only a very limited number of episodes available.  But anyone, like myself, who grew up equating staying up past 10:30 pm to watch Johnny as an extra special sussie, will, no doubt, look fondly upon these interweb treats.

Here’s a whole episode featuring Dave from 1979, three years before Late Night with David Letterman would premiere.

As an added bonus, the original network commercials are intact.  How great is it to see Orson Welles shill for that Paul Masson swill?  They will sell no wine before its time.  Which apparently is 45 minutes after pressing.

Oh, and look what else I found, also from 1979.  The full length version of the DVD release of Monty Python’s Life of Brian.  For whatever reason Life of Brian an Holy Grail are unavailable anywhere for streaming on Netfilx or Amazon.  But here’s a free copy on Youtube.

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  1. Man. There was no bigger treat than getting to stay up for Carson. I imagine there are tons of jokes that flew over my head that I can now enjoy propweky.

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