Fun with Youtubes: DART–The Early Year

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Anyone who knows me knows that my three absolute favorite things in the world are history, public transportation and the smell of hobo urine.  And what better way to satisfy all three than to watch a WFAA special on the opening of DART rail from way way back in 1996.

  • It’s great seeing the late, great Chip Moody.  I have memories of seeing him on Chanel 5 Texas News as a small child.*
  • “Tourists will flock to The West End..”   Hahaha.  You can’t make shit like that up.
  • No mention that the West End Station is the #1 place to purchase WMDs and Yellow Caps** in the CBD.

* I was a small child, not Chip.
** Obligatory hipster reference to The Wire.


  1. Technically \”tourist will flock to the West End\” us true. I assume the singular is not a typo.

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