Dallas City Council Has Been Replaced by Pod People

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And the good news is, they’re my kind of pod people.  Never in my decade of living in Dallas can I recall the council doing one thing right.  And now, twice in one day I read stories on the Unfair Park about the council doing, or about to do something incredibly right for a change. 


Must be Pod People.

First there was this:

Please recall my rant from 2008 about bike helmets.  A silly ordinance used to shake down taxpayers by issuing chick-shit tickets.

And then

What a glorious day to be a Dallas resident where I can finally bike to Love Field without a helmet and fly on a cheap airline and not have to be subjected to schtickful flight attendants.

And in, hopefully, 11 days, Pecan Lodge will reopen in Deep Ellum. 

Now I just need to get that craft beer / pie house opened up across from work on Elm, and Dallas would be perfect.

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